Here are some common questions and tips on how to use your Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder. If you have any questions not answered below, please contact us at help@brilliantcutgrinders.com.

Before you buy

How do I find out about new product launches and promotions?

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Which grind plate should I get? Fine, Medium or Coarse?

The size of grind can greatly affect the burning and vaporization of your herbs. There is a lot of debate on what is the best grind size for burning and for vaporizing. Sometimes it comes down to personal preference, other times certain devices work best with a specific type of grind. Get all 3 interchangeable plates and you can see what works best for you. You can have all 3 grind sizes with one grinder.

Why does the Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder cost more than others?

Every Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder is made of premium 7075 aerospace aluminum using high-precision CNCs in Canada. The Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder requires the use of specialty tools to create complex and precise geometry that puts the Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder in a class of its own in terms of features, performance and beauty. We also take the time to ensure that every surface is finished to the highest standards and this adds extra cost and time to the machining of each grinder.

Do grinder colors differ from how they appear on my screen?

Colors may differ slightly from how they may appear on your screen. We do our best to ensure our photos are accurate. However, varying monitor and lighting settings can affect how colours appear. Our products are also run in small batches, and a batch to batch colour variance may occur.

Care Instructions and Usage

How to keep my grinder clean the right way?

Option 1 is to use isopropyl alcohol only. Option 2, you can clean it with warm water and mild dish soap, and then rinse with water. Avoid long soaks and dry thoroughly after cleaning. The grinder is not dishwasher safe.

How to easily open my grinder with the clamshell technique?

There is a nifty trick that makes opening your grinder a breeze — the clamshell technique. Instead of opening the grinder as if you’re just pulling it apart, try to open from one side first, as if it’s a clamshell. Check out this video below for a demo:

Problem Resolution

How does your Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee work?

We guarantee the functional performance of our grinders for the lifetime of the purchasing customer. If you have a problem with your Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder, please visit this page for details on getting your refund.

What’s the status of my order?

New orders will be shipped approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase. You can reach out to us at help@brilliantcutgrinders.com to ask for a status update if your order hasn’t shipped after 8 weeks. We are working hard to send you your order as fast as possible! 🙂

My shipment tracking information isn’t updating.

If the tracking information for your international order doesn’t seem to update, please check your tracking number with your local postal service for further tracking updates. Please also keep in mind that there are COVID-related delays affecting all orders. For more shipping information, please check our Shipping page.

I have a question! Can you help?

Absolutely! Send us a message at help@brilliantcutgrinders.com and we will be happy to help 🙂