A uniform and fluffy coarse grind for the perfect grind every time

  • Designed to grind your herb gently to ensure all the qualities of your herbs stay intact
  • Herb stays fluffy and airy because the Brilliant Cut Coarse Grinder does not over grind or crush your herb
  • A uniform, fluffy grind ensures that your herb vaporizes and burns evenly

Effortless, Jam-Free Grinding

  • The patent-pending grinder design eliminates jamming and produces an incredibly smooth and quick grinding experience
  • The required force to grind is much lower than other grinders
  • No other grinder can match its ease of use

Full Coverage Grinding. Nothing is Left Behind

  • The self-cleaning drill tip between the magnet interface eliminates herb from getting stuck in the middle
  • The additional set of teeth on the outer edge ensures every bit of herb is ground and not crushed
  • The tooth design and hole pattern has been optimized to produce a uniform grind with fast flow through

Quickly and Easily Access Your Ground Herb

  • The patent-pending quick connect mechanism allows you to access your herb within a second and then it automatically closes when you’re done
  • All connections are magnetic and use the highest quality neodymium magnets

Iconic Brilliant Cut Design on both the top and bottom

  • We take the extra time to make every surface beautiful
  • Using the latest CNC technology we have achieved a unique look and a superb surface finish

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Vancouver, Canada

  • Quality is extremely important to us and every grinder is individually inspected to meet the highest quality standards
  • We guarantee that every grinder is free of manufacturing defects
  • We only use food-grade materials


  • Diameter: 2.7 inches / 68.5 millimeters
  • Height: 1.75 inches / 45 millimeters
  • Weight: 8.1 ounces / 230 grams
  • Material: 7075 Aluminium

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What others are saying

  1. One person found this helpful
    Omar Tavarez

    Best grinder ever

    Omar Tavarez (verified owner)

    The quality and function of this grinder is amazing. You can tell they thought of everything when designing it. Last grinder I’ll ever have to buy

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  2. One person found this helpful
    Paul Bosley

    Just get one.

    Paul Bosley (verified owner)

    Yes. It can take as long as eight weeks to get one. Mine took six.
    This thing is NICE. It’s really really well made. So much better than any grinder you’ve ever tried.
    Just go ahead and put your order in now,
    Six months in now, it’s perfect. Used multiple times daily. Haven’t had to clean it or anything. The thing is just awesome. Looks great and works even better.
    I’ll update again in another six months or so:)

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  3. One person found this helpful

    King of the grinders


    Great grinder, works well, no kief catcher. I bought two on the black Friday sale, working flawlessly, best grinders i have and I have tried all the big names. If you have hand issues, are fed up with grinders sticking, needing regular maintenance to work properly then this is the grinder for you. The smoothness of this grinder is unmatched. I have arthritis in my hands and used to clean my old grinders every couple of months. Have yet to deep clean the brilliant cut, I just periodically brush out the stuck kief . I was looking at an electric grinder, no need with the smooth performance of these grinders.

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  4. burgpow

    Canadian Perfection


    There is not another grinder on this planet that compares to this work of art. The fit, the feel are impeccable. The grind is smooth, effortless. Take that Arthritis and step aside . There’s a new sheriff in town. This is the best purchase I have made that supports my use of Mother Nature. If you have the resources, buy this awesome work of art – aka grinder. As great as the grinder is, the support you receive from the company is off the charts. Thanks to Kathleen, I had a wonderful experience obtaining my new grinder. She was a delight to work with. Do yourself a solid and order one of these grinders. It is worth the wait.

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  5. Patrick Crowley

    It’s flawless, incredibly well thought out and GFL earned its name with these

    Patrick Crowley (verified owner)

    I’ve had my 2 large brilliant cut coarse plate grinders for a couple years now. I like to have two to alternate strains I’m smoking, but I wasn’t planning to buy two. I’m a big believer in spending more for a product that will last rather than build my way up to them. I know I love weed and I’m gonna need a way to grind it down for a while.

    I purchased quite a few $70+ grinders before finding GFL. I was always iso alcohol soaking them and they were annoying to deal with, in hindsight really annoying after these. I honestly can’t remember where I saw these first but I know the first thing I thought was… I hope this thing works good because I love the way it looks.

    I researched it a lot and found lots of videos of people supporting these as the “best ever” and “they’ve never cleaned theirs through years of use”. Enough claims where I was willing to give it a shot just to see if that’s even possible to not clean a grinder or if they were only grinding soap and water in it and not weed. I loved the way they looked anyways.

    I bought a custom bills mafia ruby sapphire ruby (go bills!) and it was a few weeks before I’d see it which is part of the fun getting something custom made. I began watching more videos on it and just got really excited to get it, then I decided a couple days later to buy a factory second because I couldn’t wait, I got it in the mail a few days later. First use I thought it’s really well done and if there was a flaw in the factory second I couldn’t find it. It was hard to get used to the magnet the first few days after so many years of unscrewing. There are no threads on these and that gets to why the design is so brilliant and why the thought that went into these is what makes all those impossible claims very true.

    You do not ever have to clean these, ever. I mean I put a heavily resin coated moon rock in it and while it was a bitch to twist at first (flower is very easy) every last bit of it was eventually grounded through and it even provided an air freshener of moon rock to the room for a week after as the flower grabbed the tiny stuck resin bits from the grinder teeth. It’s essentially self cleaning in that way.

    The way it sits on the table was a little odd at first for me also, but one of those things you learn to appreciate most about it as well. It’s slightly convex at the bottom and top like a brilliant cut diamond would be. This makes it slide beautifully across the table and also holds like a ball with no rough edges in your hand or pocket.

    I have an engineering background and it’s the kind of product that makes you say, “wow even if I wanted to I probably couldn’t do it better”. The magnets have the perfect strength, the movement is smooth and consistent. The machining is precise to allow little movement between the lower but it connects perfectly every time. Excellent work, this company deserves so much success. I ordered my third grinder today, another coarse large and my second factory second.

    Also you will truly love watching your friends used to screw off grinders try to open it for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing their pride and asking why the tops not unscrewing. When you tell them it’s magnetic and they pull the top off, they look at you like you’re a billionaire and they’re just finding out now.

    One other thing I loved is the brilliant cut name along with grinders for life. They have in fact made a grinder that will last you for life even if you get it as a first birthday present. The brilliant cut diamond is also based on mathematics and was invented by Marcel Tolowsky, a gemologist and mathematician who aimed to get the most out of a diamond by cutting it into 58 facets which he said mathematically produced the most brilliance or reflection from inside the diamond. If you think about this in regards to what these do for your weed it’s enough to really appreciate everything that’s went into these from the name to the product.

    Well done GFL, you are the apex of grinders. Can’t imagine someone could ever do it better.

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