Threaded 4-Piece BCG

Quick and secure half-turn threads. Extremely smooth and jam-free. It also easily converts to a 3-piece grinder.

Be one of the first to try our take on the classic 4-piece threaded grinder design. It features the same jam-free grinding and smoothness that the original BCG is famous for.

Only 300 units will be made for this 1st edition. Once we gain feedback from the community, we will improve the design and produce more.

This is in preparation for a larger retail launch later this year. We want the community’s help in making the final adjustments before mass production. Let’s make this the best threaded 4-piece grinder ever!

Grab one today and let us know what you think!

Orders will ship in early February 2022.


  • Extremely smooth and jam-free
  • Quick and secure half-turn threads
  • Easily converts to a 3-piece grinder
  • High-quality pollen collection


  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Bead-blasted, clear anodized finish
  • Medium grind plate
  • 100-micron mesh screen
  • Height: 58mm / 2.3”
  • Diameter: 60mm / 2.4”
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